Useful Information

There are many benefits for manufacturers who participate in the SCP for their compliance under the Oregon law.

  • It's easy. Meeting the DEQ collection convenience and reporting requirements can be onerous.The SCP coordinates all collection, transportation and processing of all CEDs.
  • No contracting hassles. Those who join the SCP simply receive an invoice from DEQ for their participation. Manufactures in the SCP avoid lengthy contract review processes and contract negotiations which can be timely and costly.
  • Very cost competitive. Because we understand the importance of keeping program costs under control, we regularly audit our system to identify areas of savings for our manufacturers. The SCP contracts separately and directly with each collector and recycler. Therefore, we are able to separate the program’s interests from any recycler, collector, or individual manufacturer.
  • No penalty waged against SCP participants in the event the minimum return share by weight is not met. Each year the DEQ has the ability to adjust the per capita collection goal for covered electronic devices (CEDs). If manufacturer programs do not meet their return share obligation, participating manufacturers of those programs could be charged an additional fee for the pounds they did not collect that is equal to the per pound rate charged to manufacturers in the SCP plus 10%. According to the law, manufacturers participating in the SCP program will never be subject to such penalties.
  •  The participants in the SCP could be eligible for a refund/credit, or “true-down”, in the event the program runs a surplus.Since the SCP has come in under budget, manufacturers have received a credit for the past four years in a row.
  • This program is managed by an independent non-profit. The State Contractor Program is the program provided by DEQ for manufacturers.The contracted service provider of the SCP is the National Center for Electronics Recycling, a nationally respected, independent organization.
  • Receive regular program updates. The SCP communicates with our participating manufacturers regularly, holding informational calls or communicating through newsletters.

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 For a list of brands that are in compliance with the law, please click here.