Useful Information

According to Oregon Law, recycling is defined as:


  • Processing through disassembling, dismantling, shredding, transforming or remanufacturing covered electronic devices, components and by-products into usable or marketable raw materials or products in a manner such that the original products may lose their identity; or
  • Smelting materials from components removed from covered electronic devices to recover metals for reuse in conformance with applicable laws and rules.
  • Recycling does NOT include: Landfill disposal or incineration of covered electronic devices; or Energy recovery or energy generation by means of combusting covered electronic devices, components and by-products with or without other waste.


The NCER uses a competitive process to select recyclers for the State Contractor Program (SCP).  All recyclers are required to have a third party audit certifying their compliance to the Oregon Environmental Management Standards, which can be achieved through R2 or e-Stewards certification.


Additionally, recyclers must provide evidence through valid insurance certificates of the required insurance pollution liability insurance and have a closure plan in place. 


The recyclers with whom the SCP contracts as of the 2021 Program Year are:

  • Universal Recycling Technologies (URT): Clackamas, OR and Janesville, WI
  • Metro Metals Northwest: Vancouver, WA and Tacoma, WA
  • California Electronic Asset recovery (CEAR): Mather, CA
  • ERI: Sumner, WA
  • Free Geek: Portland, OR


Recyclers interested in receiving information about the SCP may send an email to